NP Serramenti: official dealer of TOTAL Look LongLife

Np Serramenti is a young and dynamic company made up of a team of professionals in the sector with decades of experience.

In NP Serramenti there is a large area for production and a show room, where you can view all the products and choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Together these two realities have given life to Long Life® Total Look, a project that involves the production of coordinated antibacterial doors and windows and which arises from the collaboration between Luxpan Srl and Alphacan Srl, leader in the production of PVC windows.

Naddeo Porte and NP Serramenti, always looking for innovation, are the first producers in Italy, respectively, of coordinated doors and windows coated with Long Life® Plus antibacterial leaves, produced by Luxpan Srl.

The antibacterial doors and windows that make up the Long Life® Total Look are recognizable and distinguished by an electronic seal that certifies their authenticity .

Long Life® Foil antibacterial decors were created to satisfy the recent demand from the market for a product capable of protecting home environments from bacteria.

Also available in different colors of the antibacterial decors included in this Total Look line, as a coating for both doors and windows.

These two companies, in addition to the standard antibacterial decorations, will soon also produce doors and windows with the use of three sheets with exclusive decorations, to make the interiors more unique and refined.

The Long Life Plus leaves have been tested by the CATAS laboratory to certify the antibacterial action of the decorative surface.

The test carried out measured the reduction degree of a bacterial load inoculated on the Long Life Plus leaf after a contact time of 24 hours at room temperature.

The result obtained was optimal as the reduction of the bacterial load on the analyzed surface was equal to 99.65% with E. coli bacteria and equal to 99.99% with S. Aureus.